Cupid Forever 2 Game

Play Cupid Forever 2 and Have Fun at the Zoo!

Hey there! Cupid Forever 2 is the follow on game to Cupid Forever that we had such fun playing. In this second game our star crossed lovers are at the zoo where once again Cupid lies in wait for players to choose the items to load her bow. Once loaded click shoot to see what happens to your date!

Some of the results are funny but not strictly how you would want your date to go. One combination of items set the ground on fire under the girl, who jumped back to avoid the fire only for the gorilla in the cage to steal her bag! Another sent Cupid's arrow towards the elephant who then fell in love with the guy. That one made us chuckle!

Why not have a go yourself to see what hilarious combinations and results you can come up with. It's a whole lot of arrow shooting fun for both boys and girls!