Cupid Forever Game

Four Choices One Result When Playing Cupid Forever!

We all know that Cupid plays a huge part when it comes to falling in love with that special someone. What will Cupid have in store for your love interest when you play this amusing date game? Firstly players must select which combination of the six ingredients offered they want to add to Cupid's arrow. Once the arrow is loaded press shoot and wait to see what happens, it's as simple as that!

Here are a cute couple sitting on a park bench together but not communicating. Beside the couple is an elderly lady who is pushing a baby in a pram. Cupid is watching from the right hand corner waiting to take your instruction, while to the left are six icons containing items players can send to Cupid's arrow then fire to see what happens. Each combination of items provides a different outcome.

One combination will see Cupid's arrow hit the lampost so that it falls on the guy's head, while another will see the guy gripping his stomach and throwing up as the arrow has made him feel ill. There are plenty of other combinations for you to try making Cupid Forever Game a whole lot of dating game fun!