Dial for Love 2 Game

Dial for Love 2 a Date for Every Day of the Week!

Dial for Love 2 has all the fun attributes of the Dial for Love Game, while in this follow on offering players can come back every day to find a new guy to date, how good is that? Once again you will select a phone, choose which cover you want then use all your artistic talents to decorate it and make it your own.

Drag and drop amazing Stickers, badges and great patterns that are available in order to create an amazing looking phone, while once you are happy with your creation you can carry on to dial up the number of your choice to see which date is dying to meet you this time.

We found Henry the fashion designer who is very handsome and wants to create a gown for us too! Snap a photograph of the two of you to load up to your album or choose an avatar from your date choices. You will have hours of fun playing Dial for Love 2, while each day you play is different from the last