Dial for Love Game

Dress Up Meets Dating Game in Dial for Love

Dial For Love is a combination of playing a dress up game plus a dating game which makes it a whole lot of fun to play. Firstly players must choose which phone model they want to play with then you can decorate your phone with any number of great illustrations available such as cute teddies or bunnies, lollipops, jewellery, flowers or items of fruit. There's lots to choose from meaning you can make your phone look very unique.

Once your phone is ready and you are happy with your choices you can then go on to dial the number of your choice to see who your date will be tonight. Our first date was Sweet Simon who was quite a dreamboat! He even had a fab bottle of perfume to give us as a first date gift, quite a guy!

There are plenty of dates to choose from, while signing up to the game site enables you to post pictures of your amazing phone design so that your friends can see how artistic your are and save your date as your avatar too!