Fairytale Kiss Game

Here Comes the Witch! It's The Fairytale Kiss Game!

The Fairytale Kiss Game requires a keen eye as players have to watch out for the evil witch flying across on her broom stick in order to progress in this game. If you don't pay attention she will grab the chance to work her evil magic on you! The aim of the game is to gain points in order to save the village. How? Its amazing all you have to do is kiss your sweetheart.

It sounds easy but actually as the pesky witch appears out of the blue you have to quickly stop the smooching so that she won't see you, a fact that keeps you on your toes so to speak. If she catches you kissing she will quickly turn you to stone!

Kissing you sweetheart is easy enough all you have to do is click and hold over the couple to start them kissing. When you see the witch stop and if you have stopped in time she will fly across the sky oblivious to what is happening below her. Unlike many date games there is en element of skill required when playing The Fairytale Kiss game making it a challenge as well as lots of fun to play.