Horse Stable Kissing Game

Horse Stable Kissing is Fine As Long As the Boss Doesn't See!

It's great fun kissing your guy or gal in the stables where you work but what if the boss catches you? Unfortunately you will find a large boot in your behind if he does catch you so make sure your boss is asleep when you kiss. Here you are in the stable, your boss is standing in the doorway, he is fast asleep so get clicking in order to kiss and rack up your score. Watch carefully though as he will awake when you least expect it, he's one crafty character!

Your aim in this game is to survive for two hundred seconds scoring at least one thousand points in order to win the game. It can be quite a challenge but practice makes perfect as they say therefore simply keep on trying and you will get there in the end. Clicking as fast as you can is the requirement, while at the same time keeping your eye on the boss, this is certainly a game for the multi tasker!