Jim Loves Mary 2 Game

Jim Loves Mary 2 As They Find Love in The Forest

Jim Loves Mary 2 is a superb sequel to the original game but unlike the first offering Jim isn't up against Mary's protective family this time but has to solve a range of puzzles in the forest in order for the sweethearts to be together. This time the game is less violent, no pits filled with spikes simply puzzles to solve which makes this edition different from the first.

Jim and Mary have to work together to solve the puzzles in order to win hearts but start the game at opposite sides of the screen hopefully coming together eventually in the middle. Jim can jump high while Mary can crawl low and enemies this time round come in the form of things that are part of the forest such as the trees.

Playing Jim Loves Mary 2 is a lot of fun, the game isn't too difficult but does have the sense of a rewarding experience when you bring these devoted sweethearts together. Ahh!