My Super Boyfriend Game

My Super Boyfriend To the Rescue!

Wow! Wouldn't we all love to have a super boyfriend who would be there at the end of the phone when we need him? Play My Super Boyfriend game and you can! This game starts where you are building a snowman and some jerk comes along thinking he is being cool by firing snowballs at your creation making it collapse!

How annoying is he! But wait, get dialling on your mobile to get your super boyfriend to come and sort the jerk out. Some of the consequences the annoying chap suffers are really funny. We summoned a Zorro type super boyfriend who flicked his sword with great style and made the annoying guy's pants fall to his ankles!

Players can save their super boyfriends to their album and some of them are worth saving too as visually this game is super cute! while some of the super boyfriends are a little clumsy which adds another comedy element to this already funny game.